Many pregnancy resource centers understand the need for good website design but are apprehensive for many reasons. They are often discouraged by the cost and the time commitment to develop a website. Ramah International offers a solution through our affordable website design services.

Pregnancy Center Patriot InsuranceOur website clients receive free affiliation to Ramah International which qualifies your center for a $300 discount on yearly fees associated with Patriot Insurance Agency! No other pregnancy center website design group offers this discount. Below are samples of our website designs. Click on any picture to view these sites in more detail. Our design team will configure your website to meet your pregnancy center needs.

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Are You Effectively “Wired” to Reach Clients in Your Community?

The pregnancy care center target audience (‘teens and ‘twenties) are looking to the Internet for information. According to the Pew Internet group¹, “Today’s American teens live in a world enveloped by communications technologies; the internet and cell phones have become a central force that fuels the rhythm of daily life — 87% of those between the ages of 12 and 17 are online.” If your center doesn’t have a website based on the researched needs of this group, you could be missing a large segment of your targeted audience.

Misconceptions about Teens

To learn more about the particular ways to reach this “wired” audience, Jakob Neilson conducted a series of usability studies to determine how website designs can better cater to teenagers.² His results were unexpected. “When using websites, teenagers have a lower success rate than adults, and they’re also easily bored. To work for teens, websites must be simple — but not childish,” Neilson concluded, “Many people think teens are technowizards who surf the Web with abandon. The sites that our teen users rated the highest for subjective satisfaction were sites with a relatively modest, clean design. They typically marked down overly glitzy sites as too difficult to use.”

Web Surfing Skills

Over the years Ramah International has found that clients mainly key in simple search terms like “abortion,” “free abortion clinics” or “free pregnancy tests” and your city or state. If you currently have a web-site, key in these terms in various search engines to determine where your site is currently listed.  Be sure to look at both desktop and mobile platforms.  If you aren’t listed in the first three pages of these major search engines, clients may not find your site.

Reinforcing your Message after Clients Visit Your Center

Clients often dislike reading brochures which is why you find them in the trash after they leave your center. Amazingly these same clients will attentively read this information on a website if they know your website address!

Your website can provide additional points on what was outlined during their visit that they may not have absorbed during your session. Present each client with a business card that lists your website and your center’s e-mail address for easy access to additional information or to ask additional questions.

Websites Made Easy and Affordable

Ramah International’s ongoing research of Internet pregnancy center clients has allowed us to develop a program to help centers reach these clients in an affordable manner. We work to help clients connect to your vital work. Our goal is to make website development easy, affordable, and effective.

All Website Packages Include:

  • Many designs to choose from or, with customized sites, a particular design that is unique for your center.
  • Customized to your color scheme
  • Logo creation if needed – add on fee
  • Statistics Reports
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programming to ensure top ranking on all the major search engines to assure that clients find your site
  • Effective website copy that can be easily modified to fit your center’s range of services
  • Domain name of your choosing
  • Website hosting services
  • Direct advice, support and coaching
  • Standard time for website development: 2-4 weeks
  • Multiple Social Network Links (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Google+)
  • Contact Us Form
  • Schedule An Appointment Form

It’s no longer an option not to have a website to reach clients. Ramah is here to help you find these clients in an effective and affordable manner.

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