Pregnancy Center Patriot InsuranceOur pregnancy center website clients receive free affiliation to Ramah International which qualifies your pregnancy center for a $300 discount on yearly fees associated with Patriot Insurance Agency! No other pregnancy center website design group offers this discount. . Our designers will configure your website to meet your pregnancy center needs.

Internet advertising has never been more crucial in modern history because most Americans are now on-line regularly. Over 80% of Pregnancy Center clients (men and women ages 18-24) will first check on-line for organizations that can assist them. How they find you depends upon the devise they are using and the way your website is programmed.

Currently over 80% of potential clients are using a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets to find help in an unexpected pregnancy. The rest are using desktop systems. If your desktop website does not display perfectly on a mobile device, you are losing clients.


Clients these days use many different devices to browse the internet. Responsive web design is the process of constructing a website so that no matter what device screen size a visitor is using your website will self adjust to fit that screen size. The page will respond to the size of the screen on the device used to access it. If a user is on a desktop with a large screen, the page will adjust to fit that screen. In the event they are on a tablet or phone, the screen will then adjust to fit these screens as well.


A professionally designed, well-programmed website is the most essential form of advertising any business or ministry can have in our world. If your website does not appear professionally on both mobile and desktop systems, there is a good chance you are losing clients. That’s where Ramah International’s website designs services can help!


Ramah International’s pregnancy center websites contain information designed to meet the initial needs of a potential client looking for help with their unplanned pregnancy. Our website copy has been written and reviewed by experts to ensure it provides legal and medically accurate content.


Our included SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approach is designed to reach your digital client base. We integrate search engine friendly strategies throughout your entire digital campaign. We use content, design, development, and social platforms to place your pregnancy center in as many relevant channels as possible.




We do not use Ad words or any formal active internet marketing. However, we do passive marketing by having a great client website that was done by Ramah International. Ramah took over our client website in December 2013. In 2014 – we experienced a 20% increase in client visits but in 2015, we are seeing a 60-65% increase in our volumes. We watch our website activity and our Google search position climb steadily all that first year. We are very pleased. Almost without exception, our clients tell us they found us on their phone.Becky Anderson – Verity Pregnancy and Medical Resource Center