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Ramah International was the first organization to offer pregnancy center website services as an advertising tool beginning in 2001. It was clear that the Internet would become one of the most important avenues in reaching the world even then.

As technology grew and expanded, Ramah’s team continue to keep up with the fast-pace world, ensuring that clients could find their local center quickly.  SEO technology along with keyword placement ensured high ranking for typical abortion-vulnerable search terms.  Website copy was also expanded and adapted to keep up with new terminology and abortion methods. Ramah’s extensive pregnancy center directory (Help In Your Area) was established in 2000.  This Directory ensured that if a pregnancy center had no web presence, their contact information would still appear in local searches through the Ramah website.

Over the years Ramah’s website has garnered millions of visitors, most of whom are searching for local help. Ramah International knows from our experience what information your clients are searching for and the terms they use in searches based on a long history of serving on-line.  We offer professional written, updatable and affordable websites that can help you reach more in your community!

The Safety of Ramah International Ramah International has been in ministry since 1997 and we have proven our commitment and support for the pregnancy center movement and their audiences.  Local web site programmers often are unaware of the special audience needs related to pregnancy center work.  Few have the experience of developing sites that include two distinct target audiences – clients and donors. There is also another challenge.  It is possible for individuals working with a local Website company to sabotage a pregnancy center site by designing it in a way that ensures it will never been discovered on-line.  We’ve heard these stories time and again, and the tragedy of one lost life is not worth the risk.  When you are hoping to help abortion-vulnerable clients, it’s best to go with a trusted group that understand your mission and the needs of your work.  That protection is priceless!

Ramah International offers timely website services that look great on all platforms.  Our formatted website copy has been reviewed to be legally and medically accurate. When internet search dynamics are adjusted, Ramah will always ensure that your site is updated accordingly. While other groups offer pregnancy centers website design services, Ramah is one of the few that goes the extra level to help your site achieve ongoing high search engine ranking. Through a combination of design and programming, our sites enjoy top ranking in most areas.

We handle all the site logistics and make changes in a timely manner so you can continue to be effective in reaching these hearts on a one-on-one basis. For more information contact Sydna Masse at [email protected] or call 479-445-6070

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