Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I combine my client & donor sites?

Yes, it is certainly possible to have a donor page on a client site.  The only issue is ensuring that the copy of the donor page does not outline information that could discourage a potential client from in visiting your center.  If you want to upgrade your site to include a donor page, contact Ramah International at 479-445-6070 or [email protected].

Can I have Flash on my Site?

No. Flash is not mobile friendly.  Your website can link to your center’s Youtube or Vimeo videos but it’s important to keep in mind that Youtube advertising appears at the end of each video.  You cannot control what advertising messages are featured at the end of the video. Ramah recommends using Vimeo.

Can our donor website take online donations?

Yes. Online donations are available on all websites.

My center currently has free hosting from a donor. Can we use that?

Ramah International offers a flat rate which includes hosting and domain registration.  Those fees are built into the cost of each site.

Should I cancel my current hosting?

Do not cancel your current hosting until your new site is ready to be launched. Your site will be hosted by Ramah International so there is no need for you to pay for those fees any longer. When we launch your new site, you will need to call your old host and cancel these services or they may continue to charge you.

How do I get my website to come up on search engines?

Ramah International Web Services provides search engine optimization services as part of the cost of each site. There are no additional fees for this service!

How long does it take for my site to go online?

Depending on your time to review the copy, or develop new copy (customized sites), it typically takes 1-2 weeks for our team to have the site online.

How do I select, transfer or create a domain name?

Domain names are an important part of your site and one free domain name is included in our website fees.  Ramah will purchase and manage your domain for you.   If you would like to purchase additional domains that link to your site (i.e., your center’s specific name), there would be a minimal add-on expense.  Ramah will then ensure that domain is linked to your new site.

If you already have a domain name, Ramah will walk you through the process of transferring it to our control so that we can manage it for you.

How do I review the copy for the website to ensure it relates to our center’s services?

Upon receiving payment for the website, our team will provide you with a word file of the copy for each page of the website.  A procedure will outline the method of editing, reviewing the copy and returning it to Ramah.  Once we receive the copy, your site will be online in 1-2 weeks.

Do the fees for the website include multiple social media links?

Yes.  All websites will include links to the accounts your center may have with Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Google+ or other social networks at no additional cost.  If you would like Ramah to set up these social network accounts for you, there will be an add-on fee.

Can I make changes to my site?

Yes. Upon request  you will have the ability to make changes. You can email the changes to us and we can make them for you at no additional cost.

Can I have a blog on my site?

Yes.  Blogs are included on on the websites.

Will my Site Have a Contact Us Form?

Yes.  All Ramah sites include a simple basic form with four fields: name, email address, phone number and reason for contact.  More fields can be added per request.

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