Positive Pregnancy Test

Jan 8, 2024

If you’ve taken a home pregnancy test and received a positive result, it’s important to consider that it might not be accurate.  We invite you to our center for a more definitive laboratory-quality urine pregnancy test which we offer at no cost to confirm your pregnancy. At Verity Pregnancy and Medical Resource Center, our tests are designed for high accuracy, and our staff is equipped to offer both support and guidance during this pivotal moment in your life.

Should you discover that you are pregnant, you do have many choices. An ultrasound can tell you approximately how many weeks you are into the pregnancy and may aid you in making this important decision.

We recognize that every woman’s journey is distinct, at Verity our aim is to deliver individualized care and support tailored to your needs.  Our client advocates can offer information and resources that align with your unique circumstances.

At Verity we are committed to maintaining confidentiality, offering immediate assistance, and ensuring our services are accessible without any financial burden. It’s our belief that every woman deserves the right to comprehensive, accurate information and support, especially when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

After confirming your pregnancy, you’ll be presented with various choices. Verity provides in-depth information about all these options, including parenting, adoption, and abortion. We stand by you, regardless of the path you choose, offering support and guidance every step of the way. We encourage you to Call: 239-433-1929, or visit: our center at: 8890 Salrose Lane, Suite104, Fort Myers, Florida,

All Services are free and confidential.

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